Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A Trip to London

I have been to London on a number of short breaks, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Each visit was packed with places that needed to be seen. A week's Underground Train pass was the 1st essential item to buy. These can be bought for Zones 1 up to 6. Zones 1 and 2 are in the main central to London itself, and the others fan out around from the center Zone. The London Underground at one time was a very dirty, noisy, unrealiable place to be, but these days I have found it to be very much improved indeed and with a number of staff only too willing to lend an ear or give friendly directions. There is just so much to do and see in London that one could spend a number of weeks there to get it all done. However 4 or 5 days at a time is just about right I think. Staying in a bed and breakfast Hotel near Earl's Court has been ideal enabling us to go by the Underground to anywhere we planned to go to. The rest of the day is walking, and walking and more walking. The evenings are usually for a Theatre Outing, a Pop Concert, a Lecture or just out for a slap up meal. On arrival in London it is very noticable how everyone is rushing here, there and everywhere, and I wonder how they can cope living like that week in and week out. However by lunchtime the next day I am rushing about like the best of them. Over the years that I have been going to London it has also occurred to me how the type of people, the buildings and the traffic there have all changed. Although the congestion charge has stopped quite a number of cars, the up turn is that there are far more taxis and buses, and they dont wait for anyone. All the yearly events attended by thousands from home and far afield are always enjoyed by all. There is always a new Show on at a Theatre or a Film Premiere, where one can see the film stars in person. When walking, one never knows exactly what is around the next corner, who one might meet, or to talk to people from another part of the world.


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