Thursday, January 27, 2005

Pat On My Back!

Today, at 9.40 a.m. I had to attend the Doctor's
surgery. No big deal you might say, but for me this
particular trip was a going to be a mile stone for me!
Like many others I know, me and anything to do with
needles just do NOT see eye to eye. From the time I
made the appointment last week, I have hardly slept, I
have had nightmares and the runs. I am forgetful,
more so than usual I have say, and at times talk utter
You see I needed to have two injections and a blood
test. That's 3 different needles all in the one
day!!! I was assured I need only have what I felt I
was able to cope with. Armed with my Bach's Rescue
Remedy I took off to walk the half hour to get to the
surgery (Am in no fit state to drive the car after any
injection) I arrived spot on time and in the waiting
area, I sat next to a neighbour who had come with her
car and she told me that I had made her feel very
guilty for not walking as well.This did not help me in any
way. It should have done I suppose. Before I knew it my
name was called out. I tried looking the other way, saying
noooooo not today, but found myself getting up and walking
into my temple of doom. I had met the nurse at a Civic
Trust meeting last night and she assured me that she would
have it all done before I knew it. Of course I believed her -
did I hell? Well to be honest she was right. As
normal I needed to lie down and try to relax myself
all the while she was talking about what we had seen
the night before, and true to her word the two
injections, one in each arm, were over in a flash.
OMG the blood test next, I felt a panic starting as I
could feel the binding on my arm getting tighter. She
asked me a question and I started to talk utter
rubbish in reply and before I knew it, it too was all
over. Phew I said to myself as I lay on the bed trying
to get a hold of all my fears and sense the relief
that it was over. I was so pleased with myself that
I had got all 3 injections done, I had not fainted,
cried or anything else for that matter. I heard the
nurse saying how pleased she was with me, that I had
done really well, surpassed myself in fact. This was
music to my ears and I got up off the bed to go to the
chair and ooopppss, that was a trifle too quick as I
felt my head starting to go round and round.Hey
but it was all done and I could go on my trip now.
I am going to Namibia to work with the Cheetah
Foundation for 2 weeks.


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