Friday, March 18, 2005


Zimbabwe freeze 'hurts children',

Zimbabwe's children have the highest mortality rate, says Unicef. The head of Unicef has criticised international donors who cut off aid to Zimbabwe to punish President Mugabe.
Carol Bellamy says Zimbabwe's children suffer the most from attempts to send signals to the Mugabe government. One child dies every 15 minutes from an Aids-related illness in a country that has seen the sharpest rise in child mortality, the Unicef head said.
But two leading donors - the United States and the World Bank - have disputed the accusation.
Unicef says one child in eight dies before the age of five in Zimbabwe - a rise of 50% since 1990, mostly due to the HIV/Aids crisis.
Zimbabwe receives an average of just $4 per HIV-infected person compared with $74 elsewhere, Ms Bellamy told reporters in Johannesburg on her last tour of Africa as head of Unicef.


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