Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Australia to cull outback camels.

Farmers say the camels put too much strain on water holes.
Thousands of wild camels roaming the Australian outback are to be hunted and shot by marksmen in helicopters in an effort to protect farmland. Australian officials say the country's camel population has grown to about 700,000 in recent years.
Camels were introduced to Australia in the 19th Century as desert transport animals, but have grown in number because they have no local predators. Animal rights campaigners say aerial culling is cruel and unnecessary.
Camels enjoy vast open spaces and plenty of grazing land within Australia's vast outback.
Their numbers are growing by an estimated 11% per year, and population size has been doubling about once every eight years, officials say.

Once again Man interferes with Nature, by bringing camels to Australia, and now they dont want them, so are now deciding just to kill them off. Australia is a huge country. If they are serious,why not try to do something constructive to limit the camel's growth, instead of just trying to kill them from a plane.


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