Saturday, April 23, 2005


More than 50 billion e-mails are despatched every day worldwide; in 2001 the traffic was less than 12 billion.
Of these 88% are junk mail including around 1% which are virus-infected.
The average number of e-mail messages received per person per day is 32. This is rising by 84% each year.
There are 440 million electronic mailboxes including 170 million corporate ones in use, growing by 32% per year.
A total of 1,035 million mobile phone text messages are despatched each month in Great Britain.
The average amount of texts per month is 37 per user, compared to 21 in 2001.
A million children aged under 10 in the U.K. - one in three - now have their own text phones.
The average age at which a child gets his or her first mobile phone in the U.K. is eight.
82% of children and young people from 5 to 24 - a total of 12.6 million - own a mobile phone; this is predicted to rise to 87% by 2007.

Txts n emails mk ppl stupid coz they R worse than smking pot & lead 2 a st8 of informania -
writes Michael Horsell of the Times Newspaper.


Blogger Gina said...

I once left work for a week and had almost 300 emails when I came back. Ridiculous! I needed almost an entire day to read and respond to them all.

5:22 am  
Anonymous Jackal said...

Really makes you wonder how on earth we coped 20 years ago!

6:29 pm  

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