Sunday, July 17, 2005


By Adam Mynott - BBC News, Turbi, northern Kenya

Villagers feared they were all going to be killed. The death toll from the attack on the village of Turbi in Kenya has continued to rise all week. In the dusty town straddling one of the main roads leading through northern Kenya towards Ethiopia, there is an atmosphere of extreme tension. As we drove into Turbi, flames were rising from five houses which had belonged to relatives of the Borana clan, who are accused of carrying out the savage attack on the village.
They had been burnt as retaliation for what had happened. I was led through the village by Isako Mula - a young Gabra herdsman who had lost a young brother in the attack. There is no doubt they wanted to kill us all
Guwe SakoTurbi head teacher - He showed me the blood-stained soil where his brother Roba had died. He pointed out the body of one the Borana raiders, which had been left unburied by the roadside. We went to the school where three children had died, some in a hail of bullets, others from machete blows. The head teacher, Guwe Sako, said the attack came without warning. "I and some of the children had just arrived at the school when the firing started. "There is no doubt," he said, "they wanted to kill us all."


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