Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Zambian politician on spy charges.

Michael Sata wanted to succeed Frerick Chiluba as president. Zambia's opposition leader Michael Sata has been charged with spying, on top of earlier sedition charges for allegedly inciting miners to strike and riot.
Mr Sata's lawyer accused the police of "playing political games". The charges could lead to a jail term of 20 years. He was arrested on Friday, following last week's protests in some of the copper mines which remain crucial to Zambia's economy.
The strikes cost Zambia more than $20m, reports the AFP news agency. His court appearance was delayed because of the new charges. Mr Sata was a close aide to former President Frederick Chiluba but left the ruling MMD party after being overlooked as its 2001 presidential candidate, to set up the Patriotic Front.


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