Wednesday, October 19, 2005

BIRD FLU - Are they over acting on this?

Bird flu set to hit Africa soon.

Europe has already been hit by the potentially lethal virus.

East Africa needs urgent help to combat the bird flu virus which could soon spread there, the United Nation's food agency, the FAO is warning. Confirmation that the potentially deadly H5N1 bird flu virus has already arrived in Turkey and Romania suggests it is being carried by migrating birds. These known routes end in East Africa's Rift Valley where farming patterns closely resemble those in Asia.

Veterinary services there would struggle to cope, the FAO says. The FAO says the first birds could arrive in North Africa and then East Africa in the coming weeks. The fear is the virus will quickly take hold in domestic chicken flocks and prove extremely difficult to eradicate. "The countries urgently need international assistance to build up basic surveillance and control systems," FAO chief veterinary officer Joseph Domenech said.


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