Sunday, November 27, 2005


'Several die' in south Iran quake.
A powerful earthquake has hit southern Iran, destroying several villages and killing at least three people and injuring others, according to reports.

The 5.9-magnitude quake struck Qeshm island, home to 120,000 people, and the city of Bandar Abbas, state media said. The governor of Qeshm island told the AFP news agency four villages had been destroyed and three people killed. The quake, which struck at 1353 (1023 GMT), was felt in the neighbouring Gulf states of Oman and the UAE.

Iran sits in a volatile earthquake region, and is regularly struck by damaging quakes. A 6.4-magnitude quake hit the town of Zarand in Kerman province in February, killing hundreds of people and injuring more than 1,400. The ancient city of Bam was destroyed in December 2003 by a 6.7-strength earthquake that killed some 31,000 people.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes its getting pretty interesting now. The BBC are calling Qeshm Island a wildlife sanctuary, but some
blogs are reporting about possible chemical weapons on that island.

If there is then i can't see Iran calling for international help.

1:50 pm  

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