Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My visit to China

I am really extremely confused in my thoughts about China, i.e. how it was in the past(horrific). Its historical past and buildings and temples, or on how it is trying to come to terms with this new century, if on the very slow side of progress.Yet it is not a poor country really, but there is a great deal of an existence living so to speak. I found a lot of happy friendly people, and also a lot of sullen hard unhappy people. So many new buildings, so many derelict buildings.

The driving was an experience in itself. I sometimes had to close my eyes in case I saw someone getting knocked over, or we were going to crash into a car on our side; in front of us; or on our left hand side. It seemed that traffic lights were there just to light up the day. The police tried to direct the traffic and it appeared that no one paid any attention to them either. People, cars, bicyles, buses, trucks vans you name it, they all seemed to go where ever they wanted. There was no road rage, and everyone seemed fairly polite and allowed who ever and what ever to move in front of them from either side, slowing up their travel. There were even bikes and cars going up on the wrong side of the roads. In the country where farmers had the corn cobs, and the corn on the road to dry, cars even avoided going over them.
Things that was missing which gave no problems were the lack of dogs or children around.


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