Friday, January 13, 2006


Former world champion skier Luc Alphand seized the overall lead of the Dakar Rally after rival Stephane Peterhansel hit a tree on Thursday's 12th stage. Alphand covered the 228 miles from Bamako in Mali to Labe in Guinea in four hours, 22 minutes and 46 seconds. Compatriot Guerlain Chicherit was 56 seconds back on the stage while South African Giniel de Villiers came third to move into second place overall.
Overnight leader Peterhansel lost time when he had to repair a rear wheel. Peterhansel lost three hours and had to wait for help after hitting a tree during a dust storm. "I'm disappointed of course but it is less horrible than in Sharm-el-Sheikh three years ago," he told the race website. "At that time, it happened 60km before the end of the stage. It was the last day and I had never won the Dakar. "This is a little bit different. I've already won the race twice and the crash occurred earlier."
Frenchman Henri Pescarolo flipped three-times during the stage, but rejoined after repairs, despite suggestions that he could retire from the event.
In the motorcycle category, France's Cyril Depres won the 12th stage in 4:52:14. Overall leader Marc Coma of Spain was 1:45 back.

Stage 12 result:
1. Luc Alphand (Fra) Mitsubishi 4:22:462. Guerlain Chicherit (Fra) BMW 4:23:423. Giniel de Villiers (SA) Volkswagen 4:26:074. Bruno Saby (Fra) Volkswagen 4:27:185. Mark Miller (US) Volkswagen 4:29:426. Nani Roma (Spa) Mitsubishi 4:30:507. Eric Vigouroux (Fra) Chevrolet 4:31:048. Thierry Magnaldi (Fra) Schlesser-Ford 4:31:179. Carlos Sainz (Spa) Volkswagen 4:33:3410. Jean-Louis Schlesser (Fra) Schlesser-Ford 4:34:54

Overall standings:
1. Luc Alphand (Fra) Mitsubishi, 46 hours, 25 minutes, 52 seconds2. Giniel de Villiers (SA) Volkswagen at 20:313. Nani Roma (Spa) Mitsubishi, 1:20:464. Stephane Peterhansel (Fra) Mitsubishi, 2:51:055. Marc Miller, United States, Volkswagen, 2:59:53

Stage 12 motorcycle result:
1. Cyril Despres (Fra) KTM 4:52:142. Marc Coma (Spa) KTM 4:53:593. Chris Blais (US) KTM 4:54:434. Jean de Azevedo (Bra) KTM 4:55:155. Jonah Street (US) KTM 4:58:576. Helder Rodrigues (Por) Yamaha 4:59:497. Jordi Viladoms (Spa) KTM 5:00:488. Paulo Goncalves (Por) Honda 5:04:059. Janis Vinters (Lat) KTM 5:07:4510. David Fretigne (France) Yamaha 5:08:11



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