Saturday, April 15, 2006


Eight lives left for freed NY cat.

See rescue attempts

A cat trapped within the walls of a New York delicatessen for nearly two weeks has finally been freed, animal rescue workers say. The owner of the deli said 11-month-old Molly was "in great shape" and had tucked into roast pork and sardines. The rescue effort had involved hammering out bricks of the deli, using kittens to appeal to Molly's maternal instinct and a pet therapist. Molly is employed as a mouser at the Greenwich Village deli.

The 19th century building is part of a historic district where alterations are banned without permission - but officials told rescuers they should "do whatever is necessary to recover the cat". Jean Tannenbaum, a spokeswoman for Animal Care and Control, which has a contract to handle lost or unwanted animals, reported the release.

Rescuers reached Molly by drilling through three layers of bricks.Molly was found on Friday night wedged in between bricks and sheet metal. She appeared calm in front of the media, which have followed her plight intensely. Molly's cries had been heard clearly from the pavement so it was thought she was not far inside the wall. Cat therapist Carole Wilbourn had used the sounds of whales on tape and soothing words to try to "give inspiration" to Molly. "Oh come on Molly you can do it. We love you Molly," she said.

Despite the traps, kittens and therapists it appeared it was the drilling through three layers of bricks that finally freed her. She was rescued by volunteer Kevin Clifford, a tunnel worker who had been working on a nearby project. "I think you'll all agree that she is in great shape," said deli owner Peter Myers.



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