Monday, May 15, 2006


Letter is delivered 56 years late.

The Royal Mail said it was a "strange" delivery. A mystery letter posted to a Cambridge University college 56 years ago has finally been delivered. Trinity College porters were surprised when the faded letter, posted in London on 3 March 1950, turned up.

The faded handwritten letter, addressed to George Green, reads: "George, will meet at Monty's next weekend. Is 2pm acceptable? Love Gwen." Trinity College said staff were checking their records to find out whether Mr Green was a student. The college's head porter David Hales said: "It is a bit of a mystery. We are going through our archives to see if we can find out any more about it.

"It is possible that George was a student, but we haven't got a clue whether Monty's was a place, or perhaps a friend's house." Royal Mail spokesman James Taylor said: "As it has a postmark, it is extremely unlikely that it has been in our system all this time. "A postmark shows it has already been through so it must have been put back again only recently. "It is possible that it may have got caught up in a large envelope and sent to a wrong address. It is certainly a strange one."


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