Sunday, October 29, 2006


Gordimer campaigned against censorship during the apartheid era. Former Booker winner and winner of the Nobel Prize for literature, Nadine Gordimer, has been attacked at her home in South Africa.
Gordimer, 83, was assaulted when three men broke into her home in Johannesburg on Thursday, taking cash and jewellery. The author, who was locked in a store room with her maid while the burglars fled the scene, did not receive any serious injuries.
Police spokesman Sergeant Sanku Tsunke said no arrests had been made.
Despite demands to hand over her jewellery, Gordimer refused to part with her wedding ring from her marriage to art dealer Reinhold Cassirer, who died in 2001.
The author, who is well-known for her anti-apartheid works, was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1991.
Several of her novels, which include The Conservationist and July's People, were banned under the apartheid regime.
Her most recent work, Get A Life, was long-listed for the 2006 Booker prize.



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