Thursday, May 31, 2007


South Africa's unions want a 12% wage increase. Wage negotiations between the South Africa government and trade unions have broken down and mass action is planned, the country's main union group says.
The government improved its offer to a 6.5% rise, but the Congress of South African Trade Unions is demanding 12%.
It says more than 1m workers, including police, nurses and teachers, will go on indefinite strike from Friday.
Last week, tens of thousands of workers marched through cities demanding a pay rise bringing services to a standstill.
The BBC's Mpho Lakaje in Johannesburg says the government improved its offer by 0.5%, to 6.5%, but employees vehemently refused to accept it and talks broke down.
The labour federation called on the government to drastically revise its offer, contradicting a statement made by the Public Service Minister, Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi, that there had been a breakthrough in the negotiations.
Our correspondent says that union leaders have announced that even if a wage deal is struck before Friday - the rolling mass action will still commence on the set date.
This follows public servants promising to intensify their industrial action - bringing the South African government to its knees.



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