Sunday, May 27, 2007


The police in March said these arms belonged to MDC members. Zimbabwe police are holding 84 activists without charge a day after they were arrested in party offices, an opposition spokesman has told the BBC.
Nelson Chamisa said that most of the 200 people detained on Saturday were freed later in the evening.
A police spokesman said the arrests were in connection with recent bombings around the capital, Harare.
The opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has denied any links to bombings and has condemned the arrests.
Mr Chamisa said the police did not have a search warrant when they raided the MDC headquarters in central Harare.
He told the BBC that the meeting was held in party offices to discuss civil issues and insisted the MDC was doing nothing illegal.
The arrests came a day after police extended a ban on political rallies.
In March, scores of MDC activists, including party leader Morgan Tsvangirai, were severely assaulted in police custody, sparking international condemnation.
The Zimbabwe government accused the MDC of being behind the bombing of several police stations.
Following Saturday's arrests, police spokesman Supt Andrew Phiri told the state-owned Sunday Mail newspaper:
"Some suspects arrested in connection with recent petrol bombs have given us leads we are following up."
Mr Chamisa said those detained had been taken to the notorious Law and Order division of the Central Police Headquarters.
South Africa is currently trying to negotiate a political solution to Zimbabwe's escalating crisis.
The BBC's Peter Greste in South Africa says diplomats say Zimbabwe is in danger of breaking into open conflict.
Mr Chamisa said the police raid showed the government's disdain for the diplomatic efforts.



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