Tuesday, August 28, 2007


UN troops remain in the east despite peace and elections. Regional military chiefs are meeting in Rwanda's capital, Kigali to plan joint operations against militia groups operating in eastern DR Congo.
Militia groups operating in DR Congo's troubled east include extremist Hutu fighters involved in Rwanda's genocide and Uganda's Lord's Resistance Army.
Rwanda says the Hutu FDLR rebels are regrouping and it may launch attacks.
DR Congo recently halted a seven-month military campaign against armed groups - a decision that has angered Rwanda.
The Rwandan special envoy in the Great Lakes, Richard Sezibera, has urged the DR Congo government to maintain its campaign against the rebels. Mr Sezibera told the BBC that neighbouring countries were ready to assist through limited joint military operations.

Rwanda has twice invaded DR Congo, saying it wants to wipe out the Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda (FDLR).
But DR Congo's government is unlikely to welcome any military assistance from Uganda and Rwanda, whom it accuses of mass looting during their last intervention in the East
Renegade General Laurent Nkunda, has also criticised the move to suspend the military onslaught against Hutu militias.
General Nkunda, who led an uprising in DR Congo's volatile North Kivu Province, in 2004 has accused the government of supporting the FDLR.
But the government says its priority should now be peace, development and the creation of a strong united army, rather than causing further instability.
Some 165,000 civilians have fled fighting in the North Kivu province since February, when General Nkunda's army brigades launched operations against the FDLR.
Last year's historic elections were supposed to mark the end of years of conflict and mismanagement in DR Congo.



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