Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The boy was questioned a day after the fire started. A young boy has confessed to starting a devastating wildfire in California by playing with matches, officials say.
The unidentified child was questioned by police about a fire that destroyed 63 buildings north of Los Angeles.
Wildfires forced 640,000 people from their homes last week in the biggest evacuation in California's history.
Officials said the boy was sent home after confessing, and the district attorney's office is said to be considering whether to press charges.
The boy was questioned in relation to the Buckweed fire, which started on 21 October, and burned 59 sq miles (153 sq km) in the Santa Clarita area.
Three civilians and one firefighter were injured, and state officials estimate the cost of the blaze at $7.4m (£3.6m).
It was initially believed that downed power lines had started the fire.

The Buckweed fire was one of more than a dozen blazes.
Arson is also blamed for a blaze that destroyed 15 homes in Orange County, south of Los Angeles.
A reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.
In total, at least 1,800 homes and other buildings were destroyed by last week's fires, and at least 14 people died as a result.
Damage in San Diego county alone is estimated at about $1bn (£487m), with nearly 800 sq miles (2,072 sq km) of land scorched.
A handful of fires are still burning, but they are mostly contained.



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