Thursday, November 29, 2007


A council has apologised to an 88-year-old widow after a street cleaner told her she could be fined for sweeping leaves from her porch. Betty Davies said the council worker had seen her sweeping the leaves and later knocked on her door in Splott, Cardiff. Mrs Davies said she was "lost for words" when told she could be fined, but was being let off with a warning. Cardiff Council said sorry and it would not fine people for sweeping leaves.

Mrs Davies said last Friday was a windy day, so she had decided to sweep the front of her house, where she has lived for 62 years. She said: "I swept the leaves out into the pavement and I came back into my house and shut the door. I'm 88 and although I can look after myself, I'm a pensioner and quite old -Betty Davies.

"A road sweeper, who was on the other side of the road, knocked on my door and when I answered he said 'you could be fined for doing that'. "I was lost for words - I just didn't know what to say. He then said 'I'm just giving you a warning this time'. "I went back inside and sat down and thought 'what a blimmin cheek'. "I'm 88 and although I can look after myself, I'm a pensioner and quite old." She added: "I've lived here for 62 years and that is the first time anything like that has happened. "I'm just glad I'm able to sweep up at my age."

Splott councillor Alex Evans said: "I think he (the road sweeper) is totally out of order and to have knocked her door, well that is a 'no, no'. "He shouldn't have done that but approached his management." A spokesman for Cardiff Council said: "The council apologises for the reported comments made to Betty Davies. "The council would not fine people for sweeping leaves on the highway from the front of their home."



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