Saturday, April 12, 2008


Snippets from the week's news, sliced, diced and processed for your convenience.

1. Ian Fleming never met the woman upon whom he based Miss Moneypenny.
More details

2. Each year 40,000 people pay homage at the California garage where the founders of Hewlett Packard started out.
More details

3. White people make up 90% of the UK's population.
More details

4. Most popular musical instrument in schools? The violin.
More details

5. Morgan Tsvangirai's surname is pronounced chang-girr-IGH.
More details

6. Much of the time it takes to fully train as an RAF pilot is taken up with solo flights.
More details

7. Fabio Capello rings his mother every day.

8. Rice was once considered so important in Japan that it was worshipped as a god.
More details

9. 4.4m apples are thrown away daily in the UK.

10. Belugas are the only white whales.



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