Tuesday, April 01, 2008


The discovery was made at the beach in Arbroath. A woman's head, hidden inside a plastic bag, has been found by children playing on a beach in Angus.
A human hand was later discovered by police officers, who had cordoned off the area near South Street, Arbroath.
The head was found by two young sisters at about 1030 BST. They ran home and their mother called the police.
A spokeswoman for Tayside Police said the force was now attempting to identify the woman. A specialist team is searching the beach.
"Scenes of crime officers are in attendance and an extensive search of the beachfront is continuing at this time," the spokeswoman said.
"The items are being removed and will be subject to further detailed forensic examination."
She confirmed that officers had been alerted to the children's "grim discovery" shortly after 1030 BST.
"They found what appears to be the head of a woman concealed in a plastic bag," she added.
"A hand has also been recovered from the beach. It is understood that they belong to a woman."
The beach is popular with dog walkers and local children, who are on their Easter break.
A local female fish worker said: "When I came to work I saw police standing about and then I heard that a head had been found.
"I watched police examine something on the beach further away and then they came closer and began looking at something else."

Police cordoned off the beach for further investigations.
Patricia Millar, 54, chairwoman of the Royal Burgh of Arbroath community council, said: "This is the kind of thing you hear about in big cities. I never expected it to happen here.
"My sympathies go out to the two children who made the discovery.
"It must have been terrible to see such a gruesome thing at such a tender age."
Angus MSP Andrew Welsh said he was in "shock" at what had happened, especially because children were involved.
"The sooner this tragic mystery is cleared up, the better," he said.
"This would be a shock in any area of Scotland but especially in Arbroath, which is a family, holiday town.
"It may well be that future body parts are found and all youngsters should be kept away from the beach."



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