Friday, November 28, 2008


UK officials have confirmed they are investigating reports of Britons being among those who carried out the attacks in Mumbai.
It follows a report on Indian news channel NDTV that there were British citizens among the militants.
British security sources have told the BBC they are asking their Indian counterparts for information.
But Foreign Secretary David Miliband said it was "too early to say" whether any of those involved were British.

According to UK officials, no hard evidence of British nationals being among the attackers had yet been provided by Indian authorities, BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera said.
Mr Miliband said: "I'm afraid I can't tell you anything about the names or origins or sources of this attack at this stage.
"Obviously the Indian authorities are focusing on ending the incident before they are focusing on where it came from.
"I think it's right to say that at least one of the perpetrators is still alive and is being questioned by the Indian authorities, and obviously we'd want to follow that up as well.
"But it's too early to say where the people came from," he added.
One British national, Andreas Liveras, died and at least seven Britons were hurt in the attacks on the Indian city, which left at least 130 people dead.
Prime Minister Gordon Brown said it was too soon to say whether Britons were involved, and Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said British authorities had "no knowledge" of any home-grown links.
The Foreign Office has issued an emergency number for people with relatives in Mumbai:
0207 008 0000.



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