Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A South African flag flying in Trafalgar Square

South Africa's highest court has upheld a decision to allow expatriates to vote in the country's upcoming general election. Are you planning to cast your ballot abroad?

In March the Constitutional Court ruled that South Africans who had already registered to vote would be able to do so on 15 April.

The decision came after a case brought by the Afrikaner nationalist Freedom Front Plus party on behalf of a South African teacher living in the UK.

South African rugby fans in London
It's estimated about 60,000 South Africans live in London alone

The British capital is home to the largest diaspora of expatriates abroad, with an estimated 60,000 South Africans living in London.

Analysts say the court's ruling could give some boost to opposition parties but isn't expected to dent the ANC's share of the vote.

Voters in South Africa go to the polls on 22 April in the country's third general election since becoming a democracy.

South Africans in the UK who are registered to vote will be able to do so at South Africa House in Trafalgar Square.

BBC News is looking to speak to South Africans who are planning to vote abroad on 15 April.

Are you in London, registered to vote and are going to do so? Are you living away from London but planning to travel to the capital to cast your ballot? Where else in the world are you and can you vote?

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