Monday, April 27, 2009


As the UN warns the swine flu outbreak might become a pandemic , Tansy Huws, originally from London but now living in Mexico, contacted the BBC News website to describe her experience of swine flu.

Tansy Huws
Tansy Huws was prescribed Tamiflu to help relieve her symptoms
I have been living in Mexico for only three weeks. The symptoms started last Sunday when I got home.

From one minute to the next I got nauseous and had very high fever. I just couldn't get out of bed during the whole week.

On Friday night I received a call from a friend wondering why I hadn't been around.

When I told her about the symptoms she told me to call the British Embassy. They told me to call the hospital.

The people at the hospital told me not to take any drugs so that the symptoms were clear and I could be diagnosed.

I went to the hospital on Saturday. There were many people at the hospital waiting to be diagnosed.

The test was very simple - they just asked me questions and measured my blood pressure.

They prescribed me Tamiflu and I am now feeling much better now.

I asked them if it was swine flu but they weren't very clear, the information wasn't very good.

I think swine flu is very different from a normal flu because I just couldn't get out of bed.

I think that the really ill people will not be able to go to hospital, and that the people who are able to go there are the people who don't have swine flu.




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