Friday, April 24, 2009


Extracts from what appears to be a government manual telling law enforcers how to use violence have caused outrage among internet users in China.
Details from the guide were published online and in a state newspaper.
One passage advises: "Take care to avoid leaving blood on the subject's face or visible wounds on the body."
The official who circulated the extracts said he thought much of the guide was useful but some parts were inappropriate.
Zhao Yang, a local law enforcement official, told the Southern Metropolis Daily newspaper he had posted the manual online after buying a copy at a government bookshop.
The newspaper, which is owned by a local branch of the Communist Party but has a reputation for outspokenness, says it has confirmed that the document is genuine.

Mr Zhao said he thought most of the guide was practical and useful but some sections had left him shocked.
The guide is aimed at local government enforcers known as "Chengguan" who are employed to deal with low-level crime such as checking permits and removing unlicensed street vendors.
Chengguan personnel are often used by local officials as trouble-shooters and their reputation with the public has suffered as a result of a number of violent incidents.
They have often been accused of using excessive force.
Last year four Chengguan in central China beat a man to death after he used his mobile phone to film a confrontation between villagers and officials.
The death triggered protests and sparked a nationwide call for a rethink of the Chengguan's role.



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