Friday, June 19, 2009

Women live in dog cages in window!

ly (left), Susan (top), Lisa (right)
The trio will only be allowed out for 10 minutes every two hours

Three pet shop workers are living a dog's life in the window of a Dundee store to raise money for charity.

Susan Butchart, 34, Kimberly McGill, 24, and Lisa McAllister, 21, are spending two days inside 3.5ft by 2.5ft dog cages in the Dog Food Shop.

They will only be allowed out for 10 minutes every two hours and are relying on locals to bring them food and water.

They entered the cages at the Dock Street store at 0900 BST on Friday and their challenge will end on Sunday.

Shop assistant Ms McGill, from Dunfermline, is raising money for the Arthritis Research Campaign because her partner has suffered from the condition for 10 years.

She knows it is not going to be an easy 48 hours.

"It's hot, very hot and a bit uncomfortable already but apart from that I'm fine," she said.

"Customers have been quite surprised - there's a few folk walking past and looking at us a bit strangely, but the customers have been really supportive and very nice and we've got quite a lot of money already."

Co-owner of the shop Ms Butchart, from Newburgh, Fife, added: "My daughter's got scoliosis, she's nine years old, got diagnosed at three and she's waiting for an operation and the Scoliosis Association has been absolutely fantastic with us, giving us all the information we need.

"I'm most looking forward to doing nothing, which I very seldom do. I'm having a good laugh at the shock on people's faces."

Ms McAllister, from Dundee, plans to give her share of the money raised to Cancer Research UK because her mother died from the disease when Lisa was only three.

She admits that she usually spends her Friday and Saturday nights going out drinking with her friends - not locked in a dog cage.

"It's a wee bit warmer than I thought it was going to be, but it's starting to cloud over so hopefully it won't be too hot," she said.

She told the BBC Scotland news website that she was most looking forward to "sitting doing nothing and chilling out" but knows it might be hard during the night.

"There'll be no customers and it'll be just the three of us and when you are sleeping you've not got much room to stretch so I think I'll be tired on Sunday morning."




Anonymous parrot cages said...

that is great. Those women are pretty young, and is great that they take a stand for something.

10:56 pm  

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