Monday, July 20, 2009

'Facebook party' ends in arrests !

Party organiser Seva Nurueva
Seva Nurueva has apologised for the disorder caused by party crashers

Five youths were arrested after 100 people were involved in a street fracas near a house party which was advertised on the Facebook website.

Hampshire Police and Surrey Police's helicopter and dog section attended the scene in Chapel Lane, Farnborough, Hampshire, on Saturday night.

Seva Nurueva, 15, apologised after her friend Jordan Wright placed their joint party on the site.

The five being held are aged 17 to 19 and from Farnborough and Aldershot.

Miss Nurueva added: "We are really sorry for all the damage we caused.

"It was scary - I did not really know what to do. All I did was cry."

Sherry Wright, mother of Jordan, said: "It [the party] was quite peaceful to start off with but then it all got out of hand.

Party organiser Jordan Wright with his mother Sherry
Jordan Wright (r) posted details about the party on Facebook

"I do not know what happened."

The party was held in two converted flats in a house.

A neighbour, Deborah Hunter, said: "We came home after an evening out and were confronted by hundreds of youths - male and female - spilling out onto the street from a party that was being held at the two houses.

"It escalated into a riot."

A police spokesman said: "Officers dispersed the crowd after approximately an hour and a half."

Det Insp Steve Cook, of Hampshire Constabulary said: "Police from Hampshire and Surrey responded swiftly and effectively with extra officers to prevent a large public order situation from escalating within the community.

"The violence reported was contained and there have been no reports of serious injuries or further calls about disorder in the area.

"Our investigation is continuing with suspects being questioned in custody."

Police are appealing for witnesses.




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