Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lumley setting off on Nepal trip!

Joanna Lumley at the parade
Joanna Lumley fronted a high profile campaign supporting veterans

Actress Joanna Lumley is flying out to Nepal to meet former Gurkha soldiers and their families in a week-long trip.

She was the public face of a campaign - launched in Kent where there is a large Gurkha community - to secure UK residency rights for all veterans.

Accompanied by members of her family and Peter Carroll, who started the campaign, Ms Lumley will meet Nepal's prime minister and president.

Large crowds are expected to greet her on her arrival in Kathmandu on Sunday.

"I understand there will be a huge, huge reception at the airport," Mr Carroll said.

"It's almost like a head of state visiting."

On Tuesday Ms Lumley will visit Jhapa and Dharan to meet Gurkhas.

Mr Carroll said some people were expected to walk for three days just to be there.

"I think it's going to be an amazingly emotional experience," he said.

In May, the government said all retired Gurkha soldiers - originally from Nepal - with at least four years service in the British Army, could stay in the UK.




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