Thursday, August 13, 2009


Map of Kenya

A leading Scottish gemstone expert has been killed in Kenya by a gang armed with clubs, spears, bows and arrows.

Campbell Bridges, 71, was attacked by 20 men in the grounds of his 600-acre property near the southern town of Voi.

He fought off the mob with his son Bruce and four Kenyan staff but died of his injuries on arrival at hospital.

Police are investigating the attack which is reportedly connected to a three-year dispute over access and control of Mr Bridges' gemstone mines.

He was driving his pick-up truck in the grounds of his home within a national park when he was ambushed by about 20 men brandishing crude home-made weapons, police said.

Witnesses said his injuries were caused by stab wounds from a knife. No-one else was injured in the attack on Tuesday.

Mr Bridges' body has since been flown to the capital Nairobi, police said.

A UK Foreign Office spokesman said: "We can confirm the death of Campbell Bridges on 11 August following injuries sustained in an attack near Voi in Kenya.

"British consular officials are liaising with the local authorities who have confirmed that an investigation is under way."

The internationally-renowned gemmologist has lived in the African country most of his life, and is credited with discovering the green Tsavorite gem, a rare stone unique to the region.

He also worked as a special consultant to the New York jewellers, Tiffany and Company.




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