Monday, September 28, 2009


British Asians are hiring contract killers to carry out up to 100 murders in India every year, according to campaigners in rural Punjab state.
BBC Asian Network understands targets such as family or business associates are lured to the sub-continent, where assassins can be hired for just £500.
Punjab Police deny corruption allows the British Asians to evade justice.
Scotland Yard says it is aware of the problem. The Foreign Office says six British nationals are missing in India.
A member of the Punjab Legislative Assembly, British-born Jassi Khangura, has investigated the trend which he believes claims the lives of between 50 and 100 overseas Indians every year.

He says most of the killings are carried out in Punjab where, he claims, police corruption and bureaucratic or legal loopholes mean the perpetrators are seldom tried.
The Punjab Police force says the figures are exaggerated and deny the force is riddled with corruption.
Some victims' families are now turning to authorities in the UK for assistance.
Metropolitan Police detectives say they do not know how many people are killed in this way.

Full details will be broadcast as part of the Passport to Murder programme on BBC Asian Network at 1830 BST on Monday.



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