Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I have been enjoying with my family the Christmas festivities. However, I continue in disbelief to watch the unfolding horrific news of the underwater Earthquake and resulting Tsunamis in Asia. How very fortunate I am - it wont affect me I told myself !!!

The realisation came that there could well be hundreds of tourists from the country where I live out there, and who may not come back. It really hit me yesterday when I went into my local supermarket, and the checkout lady told me that there were people from my town unaccounted for out there. I thought the Tsunami could well hit Africa, and it did and with deaths.The coastal region of Kenya hosts many tourists, as well as their own people who go there from Nairobi and further inland for the Christmas break. I know people in Kenya. I have lived and I have friends who live in Durban in South Africa who have been hoping to get back to Thailand for another holiday as they loved it there. I used to live in Mauritius, and I have spent many happy holidays in what was Beira in Mocambique. I feel certain too that at some point in the future, either near or afar, we will all be affected by the this terrible natural catastrophe as weather patterns may be affected where we live all over the world. As my mind goes even further into the future, the loss of so many lives will mean the loss of businesses, jobs and trade for each of the very badly hit countries. I know the rest of the world has already sent help in many forms. It seems to me that we will need to continue over the months, and even years ahead, to offer our assistance and financial help. I pray we will rise to their needs.


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