Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Dont you just love it when your computer starts talking to you!
The latest short and to the point conversation I have had, is that
I have been informed I can't get to send any emails. I am logged
on, password accepted by everyone else but my puter will not let
me send any emails. Keeps asking me to put in my password,
which I do of course, I mean one has to keep on the right side of
one's computer otherwise I may not be allowed to play solitaire!
These things always happen, naturally, when it is important to let
a friend know at what time you will be arriving for a short stay.
I have a feeling that my puter wants me to have a good clean out
of my email folders, and is not going to let me contact anyone until
I do a thorough job of eliminating letters I have kept for ages.


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