Friday, January 14, 2005


Has the Tsunami come across to us under the water to affect our weather? We have had gale force winds, with structural damage to properties, trees have fallen, houses have been flooded out, rivers over-flowed, farm land under water, and a family of 5 all swept to their deaths by the sea. Two of our local towns have come to a stand still due to grid lock by the cars, trucks and lorries and buses that were not allowed over the two large bridges due to the wind.After almost a week of this weather, today I awoke to find that the wind had at last stopped, but it was a cloudy, cold and damp winter's day. When I got home at lunch time today and walked up my drive, I saw my Snowdrop flowers, still standing there quite the thing as if nothing had happened. My bird archway had been knocked over, but nothing serious and I was soon able to get it back up, much to the bird's pleasure. I have not seen much of my birds due to this awful weather, so it was really very enjoyable to have my lunch watching them all flying in and out and scratching the ground for some of the extra goodies that I had scattered around for them.


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