Thursday, January 20, 2005

Trip to the Big City!

I got up early yesterday, jumped on a bus to go and join the crowd that was going to the big city by bus, to a theatre for an afternoon performance of "Mamma Mia". We arrived before lunch so there was time to have a look around at the shops. It was very busy and most shops had their Spring fashions in already. Later when I sat down in a Mall to have a coke, I was gobsmacked to see a young lad and a young girl with their hands in handcuffs being led away in tears by 3 memebers of the Police force, several of the Mall Security and probably the Manager of the shop who had phoned the Police. I could not help but stare as they all passed by me, and I realised in horror that my mouth was wide open with amazement, and what a country bumpkin I was. I was in the big city where all the action takes place, not at all like where I live, in a small village where the sound of an ambulance siren is the only disturbing noise we get. The show was very good indeed. At first I was disappointed as I felt there was not enough singing. For some reason I thought it was going to be non stop singing. But I soon got into the storyline that was made up to be able to use most of Abba's songs, and I thoroughly enjoyed it all. On the way home we stopped and all 53 of us sat down to a very nice meal indeed. The other bus that followed behind us when we left, contacted our Driver to say that he was missing 2 people and he was still waiting for them on a road by the theatre. It was much later than usual when we returned to the pick up point in the morning. A number of us walked to the bus station where taxis and buses took us all our various ways. I had a long wait before my bus left, and I got home just before midnight to a couple of cats, who obviously wondered where the hell had I been, as they had eaten everything I had left down for them before I left in the morning. Their plates were licked clean and not a sign of a biscuit to be seen.


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