Thursday, February 03, 2005


Mandela set for London aid plea

Mr Mandela is due to meet G7 finance ministers on FridayNelson Mandela is to urge crowds in London's Trafalgar Square to join the largest ever campaign against poverty. The Make Poverty History campaign hopes 10,000 people will turn out to watch the former South African president support its rally.
Mr Mandela is in London to address finance ministers from the G7 industrialised countries.
Helping the developing world on trade, debt relief and aid are on the agenda when the ministers meet this weekend. The talks are the first event in the UK's presidency of the G7.
'No false promises'
Chancellor Gordon Brown met Mr Mandela on Wednesday ahead of the rally, which is aimed at encouraging the public to commit to real action on debt, aid and trade.
Mr Brown is proposing an aid package which he has likened to the Marshall Plan. The American proposal aimed to reconstruct western Europe after World War II.
Nobel Peace Prize winner Mr Mandela backed the chancellor's proposals when the pair met in South Africa last month.


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