Friday, February 18, 2005


Man remanded on Real IRA charge, and cash was seized in Dublin and Cork.

A man arrested during an operation in the Irish Republic against alleged money laundering has been charged with membership of the Real IRA. Don Bullman of Wilton, Cork, was one of three men arrested after 94,000 euros were found in car in Dublin. The two others have been freed without charge.

A police officer told a Dublin court he believed the notes were part of an IRA money laundering operation. The cash was in a box of washing powder in a Northern Ireland registered car. Father-of-three Mr Bullman, 30, appeared at the Special Criminal Court in Dublin on Friday and was remanded in custody. Earlier this week, a total of seven people were arrested and £2m - £60,000 of it in Northern Bank notes - was seized during raids in the Irish Republic.


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