Friday, March 18, 2005


Web to have 'terror watch' team.

Sharing information about terror suspects could get easier. Five European governments are setting up a hi-tech team to monitor how terrorists and criminals use the net. The group will make recommendations on shutting down websites that break terrorism laws. The plans for the initiative came out of a meeting of the G5 interior ministers in Spain that discussed ways to tackle these threats. The five countries also agreed to make it easier to swap data about terror suspects and thefts of explosives. The interior ministers of Spain, Britain, France, Germany and Italy - the G5 - met in Granada this week for an anti-terrorism summit.
To combat terrorism the ministers agreed to make it easier for police forces in their respective states to share data about suspects connected to international terror groups. Information shared could also involve intelligence about money laundering, the forgery of identity papers, stolen cars, DNA data, missing persons and unidentified corpses. Part of this anti-terror work will involve the creation of the technical team that will keep an eye on how organised crime groups and terrorists make of the web. Many criminals have moved many well-known crimes to the web because the returns are so good and the chance of being detected is still relatively low.
The group is also likely to make recommendations on shutting down websites that contravene laws on inciting acts of terror. Although the meeting of the G5 is informal and any decisions they make are not binding, the summits do tend to set the tone for future policy decisions.


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