Sunday, March 13, 2005


Typing error causes nuclear scare.

Sudan thought it had been used as a test site...

The Sudanese government had a nasty shock this week, when it read on a US Congress website that the Americans had conducted nuclear tests in the country. A House of Representatives committee report mentioned tests conducted in Sudan between 1962 and 1970. However, when alarmed Foreign Minister Mustafa Osman Ismail raised it with US officials in Khartoum, it turned out to be a typing error. The report should have said Sedan, a test site in the US state of Nevada. "There is nothing that makes us so far doubt the explanations we have received from the US Administration," said Mr Ismail.

... but the Americans actually did their testing in Nevada. He said he was very relieved to find that it was a simple error. "Our first concern of course was for the people of Sudan," he said. The American embassy in Khartoum issued a statement confirming that the US had never conducted nuclear tests in Sudan.


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