Saturday, April 30, 2005

10 things we didn't know this time last week

Snippets harvested from the week's news, chopped, sliced and diced for your weekend convenience.

1. Richard Pryor can only conduct interviews via e-mail because of his multiple sclerosis.
2. Posh's first drink of the day is Diet Coke, according to the Beckhams' former nanny.
3. Michael Howard had purple sheets in his Chelsea flat when he met his future wife Sandra.
4. John Mills learnt his scripts using a Walkman.
5. Hugh Laurie's dad won an Olympic rowing gold medal in 1948.
6. The new double-decker Airbus has a Qwerty keyboard as part of its flight controls.
7. Australians host barbecues at polling stations on general election days.
8. Michael Winner's mother lost an estimated £8m through gambling.
9. An average Briton will spend £1,537,380 during his or her lifetime, a survey from insurer Prudential suggests.
10. In his third-year school report, Tim Henman was described by his housemaster as a "well-balanced, open and friendly individual". But the teacher added: "What I have not seen evidence of is the kind of 'killer instinct' I had expected..."

Thanks to: Sinclair So. UK.


Anonymous Jackal said...

Oh some interesting little tit-bits there!

6:21 pm  

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