Thursday, April 28, 2005


Zimbabwe moves to bring in food.

Donors had warned that more food aid was needed. The Zimbabwean government has announced it will import 1.2m tons of the staple food, maize, over the next few months.
However, the state-run Grain Marketing Board head denied opposition charges that the country had run out of food. Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) official Renson Gasela accused the government of failing to act while the country faced "a national catastrophe". President Robert Mugabe has accused the MDC of exaggerating food shortages and turned down offers of food aid.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwean newspaper, The Standard, has reported that a national park was instructed to slaughter elephants in order to feed villagers at last week's Independence Day celebrations...................


Anonymous Jackal said...

Why does wildlife need to suffer and be faced with extinction just to feed humans... who lets face it, are to blame for the sorry mess of the world.
Mugabe will rot in hell!

6:25 pm  

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