Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Help for Kenya's abandoned baby.

Angel is to be put up for adoption. Offers of help have poured in for an abandoned baby girl found being looked after by a dog in Kenya's capital. The two-week old, whom nurses are calling Angel, is being cared for in a Nairobi hospital after two boys heard her crying near their house.
The case is receiving huge media coverage and Kenyan newspapers say they are receiving lots of offers from people wanting to adopt her. Doctors think the baby was left for two days before being discovered. Kenyatta Hospital staff say members of the public have begun donating baby clothes and nappies.

The dog, which has no name, is being given deworming pills and proper dog food by the Kenyan Society for the Protection of Animals, the Daily Nation reports. The dog is thought to have rescued the baby from a nearby forestAngel will be taken to a children's home after she is fully recovered and then put up for adoption in the usual way, say officials. Local residents say the baby was probably abandoned in a nearby forest and the dog then carried her in a bag she had been left in over the main Ngong Road to near where the boys live. The dog's owner then found the baby covered by an old cloth in a plastic bag. She gave her some milk and cleaned her before she was taken to hospital.

Unwanted babies are quite frequently abandoned in Kenya - because of failed relationships or extreme poverty.


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