Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Terror suspects arrested in Kenya. Kenya is seen as a weak flank in the war on terror. Kenyan police have arrested five men on suspicion of involvement in activities linked to terrorism. Reports say they were seen taking photos from a ferry near the eastern coastal city of Mombasa. The five men - who were arrested on Saturday - were not carrying valid travel documents but are believed to be Pakistani nationals.
There have been several cases in Kenya of people arrested on terrorism charges being later cleared of suspicion. In June, four people detained after being seen filming classrooms built under a US aid programme were freed.
Meanwhile seven people charged in connection with the 2002 suicide bombing at a hotel in Mombasa were acquitted in the same month after an 18-month trial. Correspondents say Western security services regard Kenya as a weak flank in the war on terror. Anti-terrorism police and agents from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation were on their way to interrogate the latest suspects, The Standard newspaper said.
The suspects were also said to have quarrelled with a hotel receptionist after trying to obtain information about its guests, it said.


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