Sunday, May 27, 2007


William Oefelein admitted to having had an affair with Ms Nowak. The space shuttle pilot involved in a love triangle that led to a bizarre show-down between a female astronaut and her rival is to leave Nasa.
William Oefelein, 42, has been reassigned to the navy, his original corps, the US space agency said.
Astronaut Lisa Nowak, who had an affair with him, is awaiting trial on charges of attempted kidnapping and assault.
In February she drove across five states to confront her love rival and pepper-sprayed her car.
On her 1,600km (1,000 mile) journey from Texas to Florida, Capt Nowak wore a wig, as well as a nappy so she would not have to stop to use the toilet.
She was stopped allegedly carrying an air rifle, a steel mallet and a knife.
Capt Nowak, 44, denies attempting to kidnap her rival - Air Force Capt Coleen Shipman.
She has been sacked by Nasa.
Mr Oefelein admitted having had an affair with her, but said it had been ended before he began dating Capt Shipman.
Nasa gave no reasons for reassigning Mr Oefelein to the navy.
A spokesman said: "Nasa has determined that Cmdr Oefelein's detail is no longer required for the purposes it was originally granted."



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