Thursday, November 29, 2007


Russian authorities also accuse Mr Berezovsky of plotting a coup. A Moscow court has found the exiled businessman Boris Berezovsky guilty of embezzling millions of dollars from the Russian national airline Aeroflot.
Mr Berezovsky, who has political asylum in Britain, controlled the airline in the 1990s.
The court said Mr Berezovsky had stolen 214m roubles (nearly $9m) from the airline, in what it described as an organised criminal fraud.
Mr Berezovsky told the BBC the verdict was "a farce".
He is a fierce critic of President Vladimir Putin and Britain's refusal to extradite him has been one of several irritants straining relations between London and Moscow.
He made a huge fortune in the political and economic upheaval following the collapse of communism in the early 1990s.
Russian prosecutors have asked the court to jail him for nine years.
"This court has no significance for me or for those who abide by the law," Mr Berezovsky told "I instructed my lawyers not to participate in this farce."
Mr Berezovsky was a close associate of Russian former secret agent Alexander Litvinenko, whose fatal poisoning in London last year triggered a British-Russian diplomatic row.



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