Monday, April 20, 2009


A man has hijacked a passenger plane in the Jamaican resort of Montego Bay, and is still holding several crew members hostage, reports say.
More than 150 passengers were on board when the man forced his way on board the Canada-bound charter plane but all have now been released.
The man breached security and boarded as the plane was about to take off at around 2230 local time (0330 GMT).
Negotiations for the release of the hostages are said to be taking place.
The gunman reportedly checked in for the flight then forced his way past checkpoints and went on board brandishing a firearm.
He is said to have robbed passengers, most of whom were released after half an hour. A shot was reportedly fired but no-one hit.
Two of the passengers were held for several hours before being released, according to reports.
Most passengers were taken to a local hospital, some of them suffering from shock.
It is not clear what his demands are or which country he is trying to get to.
Police and security services have cordoned off the airport and surrounded the plane.
Police told CNN about 150 people were scheduled to be on the CanJet flight, bound for Halifax, Nova Scotia, but the exact number on board is not known.
Correspondents say security at Montego Bay's Sangster International Airport is normally very good.
The airport, one of the most modern in the Caribbean, handles around four million passengers a year.



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