Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Ross Kemp
Ross Kemp recently filmed in the Gulf of Aden

New television programmes in the US and UK are to look at the threat of pirates off the coast of east Africa.

US cable station Spike TV has announced a documentary which will follow the US navy's efforts to curb piracy.

Actor-turned-presenter Ross Kemp is to front a three-part series for Sky about the Royal Navy's anti-pirate patrols.

Earlier this week, the American captain of a vessel was rescued by US forces after being held captive by Somali pirates in waters off east Africa.

The US show, Pirate Hunters: USN, is expected to be screened in a one-hour special on the male-orientated channel in the autumn.

Naval authorities have allowed camera crews to capture the action as two warships sweep waters for pirate activity.

According to the head of the production company making the documentary, it could return as a mini-series.

Sky's serial, fronted by 45-year-old Kemp, is scheduled to air on Sky1 in the summer.

The former EastEnders star is filming at other locations around the world which are also troubled by piracy.

He said: "The pirates are ruthless and wouldn't think twice about slitting our throats for a few dollars."

Piracy, which has become an increasingly serious problem in the waters around the Gulf of Aden, has recently hit the headlines.

Fatalities to date have been among the pirates in rescue operations.

In other incidents, the successful release of hostages has been secured following the payment of ransoms.




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