Friday, July 31, 2009

Flying underwear causes power cut !

A power cut which brought part of a Lincolnshire village to a standstill has been blamed on discarded underwear.

More than a dozen houses and a set of traffic lights in Leadenham were affected on Wednesday, with police being called to direct traffic.

Engineers traced the fault and found a thong had short circuited a power line.

It is believed the clothing was carried by a helium balloon from a nearby party. It became lodged in the wires and caused a fault when soaked by rain.

Andrew Barrow, from Central Networks, said: "Flying objects do occasionally cause us problems but in this case it was more risque than risky.

"What we think happened in this case was the offending article was on the line for some time but it was the heavy rain yesterday - wet things conduct electricity - which led to the short circuit."

He added: "The main thing to say here is that if people do see something on the lines, don't try and get them down yourselves, that is when it becomes dangerous."

The finger of suspicion has been pointed at the local polo club's annual ball.

Emma Rose, from Leadenham Polo Club, said: "It may never be proven exactly where this came from but it could have been our party.

"We think it may have been a joke, with someone taking the item from an overnight bag and setting it on its way."



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