Tuesday, November 03, 2009

ZZ Top star tells of Tube odyssey
By Tim Masters Entertainment correspondent, BBC News

Billy Gibbons fans recognised him on the tube
ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons has revealed that he chose a very un-rock star method of transport to the band's Wembley concert last week.
Instead of the usual chauffeur-driven car, the Texas rocker bought a ticket for the Tube - which then broke down.
"To the disbelief of many I decided to take the Tube," said Gibbons, who has played with ZZ Top since 1969.
The musician picked up the Marshall 11 award at the Classic Rock Roll of Honour awards in London on Monday.
"Being the consummate tourist, I wanted to ride the Tube," he said.
"Someone said, 'you know it may not be that bad of an idea because travel in London has not been known for its expedient way to get from A to B'.
"And off I went - it's a only a block from the hotel down to the station, and no sooner had I bought the ticket the agent informed me that the Circle Line had broken down."
Gibbons took a bus to Baker Street where he joined the Metropolitan Line to Wembley Park - along with ZZ Top fans who were making their way to the gig.
'Fun thing'
He continued: "There was a guy on the route that was checking me out and it was getting a little edgy, and then I realised that he was looking at a ZZ Top concert ticket for the Wembley show."
When asked whether he will continue taking public transport to gigs, he said: "Well, I may in the future. I beat my partners by 45 minutes."
The star also revealed that ZZ Top would be writing new material in the new year, working with veteran American rock producer Rick Rubin.
"He being the visionary that everyone has come to respect him as, I think this will be a fun thing for ZZ Top to be going about," he said.
The Classic Rock award given to Gibbons celebrates "rockers who turn it up to the max".
Gibbons is best known for his riffs on hits like Gimme All Your Lovin' and Sharp Dressed Man.


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