Friday, July 22, 2005


Soyinka urges Zimbabwe sanctions,

Soyinka wants the end of African solidarity with Mugabe. One of Africa's best-known authors, Wole Soyinka, has called for sanctions to be imposed on Zimbabwe, calling the situation there "a disgrace" to Africa.
The Nigerian writer said President Mugabe was typical of "rogues and monsters" clinging to power in Africa. African leaders have been reluctant to criticise human rights abuses in Zimbabwe; many see Mr Mugabe as a hero of the struggle against colonialism. Mr Soyinka said this kind of solidarity was wrong and should be ended.
He was speaking in South Africa, where he is due to give a lecture on Friday as part of the celebration of former President Nelson Mandela's 87th birthday. Bulldozers have been turned into an instrument of governance
He said that South Africa should not give Zimbabwe the emergency economic assistance it had asked for. It is not clear what other sanctions Mr Soyinka called for.
Mr Mugabe and dozens of his officials are banned from travelling to the European Union and the United States because of their alleged involvement in rigging elections and human rights abuses.


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